Security Services
Network security requires the operation of several complementary tools, these tools fall into the following categories:

A firewall limits the vectors available to a hacker for attack, and optionally monitors network traffic for signs of intrusion attempts.

Spam Filter
Spam Filtering in the form of software or appliances, is now a necessary tool for any organizationrunning their own mail severs.

Anti Virus Scanner
It is important in a networked enviroment not only ro provide antivirus to your network users, but to monitor its countinued operation.

Spyware Scanner
Spyware can quickly cripple a network with unnecessary traffic if left unchecked. Regular scanning prevents this abuse of your systems from occurring.

Data Backup Systems
The most critical aspect of a network plan is your failover strategy. Backups are critical to ensuring a businesses survival.

The Products we use to accomplish these security services are listed below



Spam Filter:

Anti Virus:



Advanced Security:
Few organizations believe it is worth while to invest the effort to detect intrusion and track the offender down, because of the expense in both advanced network analysis tools and labor.  For those instances when it is neccessary, CSE can install a traffic analyzer to monitor for likey intrusion behavior, analyze the logs daily, and set traps for hackers to try and determine their identity.