Small Businesses:

Retail Stores

Daily operations are critical. Our focus here is to ensure redundancy in case of failure, rapid network traffic to speed order processing, and back office systems that provide useful reporting and data backup in case of a catastrophe

Multiple Locations
Once a retail business has multiple sites, up-to-date data becomes more important.  We focus on keeping inventory accurate, and accessible from all sites, and providing automated means for reassigning inventory between locations, so items can be moved to the right store without loss.

Professional Offices
Most essential is people's time. The system needs to function every day, and the data people seek needs to be available, organized and secure. In these environments we focus on data integrity and security. Distractions need to be filtered away in the form of spam protection and inappropriate internet information.

Service Companies
Response time and field tracking are critical here. By providing a reliable communication backbone between in house systems and cellular dispatch systems, we can ensure improved billing, and significant reductions in response time.