CSE Company History
On a warm summer day, back in 1990, Jeff and Ben were at lunch at Burger King, sharing 2 whoppers with Cheese for a $2.00 meal discussing how they wanted to do something other than what they were doing, when Ben said, “Hey, you know that guy that came out to work on our word processor? It took him two weeks to get the part and it cost us $300 bucks!” Maybe we could start a service company that provides IBM class service to PC users?” Jeff said, “Huhhhh” and took another bite of his whopper with cheese. Pretty soon they worked out a business plan, which was tossed aside after 6 months, but they were able to adhere to their core principle: All businesses deserve access to rapid and professional computer support. Computer repair became computer sales and repair, then networking, then programming, and today CSE offers a full range of computer sales and repair, programming, network support, web hosting and web development.